Do your photographs give too much away?


Spring is such a lovely time of year.  Many of the homes we work with at Smith & Co. are rural or village homes, surrounded by fields and woodland, and look absolutely beautiful at this time of year.  We love how the flowers count down the weeks until summer too, starting with the snowdrops, then the daffodils, and of course the beautiful bluebells.

Lots of our clients are really pleased when their photographs and brochure feature their beautiful gardens, complete with seasonal flowers.  However, we have to explain that whilst it’s true that they do look so pretty, they unfortunately date the photography, and therefore the date the house first came to market, for their buyers to see.  We can look at property photography and date it within about 4 weeks, and that may be information you don’t want to share with your buyers.

There are some weeks between spring and autumn when it’s reasonably safe to photograph a garden without giving too much away.  A good property photographer will exclude any tell-tale flowers if they possibly can, and give you the best chance of achieving an attractive brochure that doesn’t date.

So – no daffodils please; and if your photographs can be ‘dated’, it’s time to give your agent a call and ask them to arrange for new ones.

Here at Smith & Co. we work closely with our very talented photographer and in-house stylists, taking multiple shots, both including and excluding those ‘tell-tale’ blooms and keeping your online marketing up to date and constantly fresh as a daisy!

  • If we feel like your home would benefit from ‘fresh’ photography to match the season, we will be quick to return to your beautiful home, to create more eye catching photography.
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