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Struggling to sell? Our guide to help you move on successfully


When you have your home up for sale, time seems to stand still. You’re in limbo, caught between your old life, and your new one, with no way of knowing when you’ll be able to move on – both literally and emotionally. As the weeks turn into months, and the viewings dry up, it’s easy…

Preparing to sell your home – Our step-by-step guide


So you’re thinking about moving home. How exciting! Perhaps you’re planning a move to a larger house that fits your family better, or maybe now your children have flown the nest, and it’s time to move into a more appropriate-sized home. Or it could be a job move that’s prompting you to take the plunge….

When choosing your Estate Agent – Is bigger really better?


So, you’re thinking of moving home.  You’ve probably started to think about marketing your property and you have considered the one or two main agents in your area that seem to have plenty of sales boards popping up in a variety of areas.  They have a full page spread in the local paper and almost…

Six Spring Styling Tips to Sell Your Home


So, you want to move home – but are rather daunted by the thought of all that work? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We have all been there – and I know we will again, I’m sure! Believe me, it will be worth it!  Your next dream home is just a few simple steps away,…